Apple to hold separate events for iPhone and iPad mini?

We are approaching to that part of the year when Apple announces it’s new iPhone. This year however the case it a bit different, Apple is expected to announce a new type of iOS device along with it’s sixth generation iPhone. This new type of iOS device that is dubbed as iPad mini will be as many people like to put it, a smaller version of iPad and a larger version of iPod touch. The device is expected to feature a 7.85-inch screen and compete with the likes of Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire. Now as everyone is close to certain that Apple will announce both of these devices in the coming months, it is still unknown how they are going to be announced. 

John Gruber of DaringFireball speculates that Apple might hold two seperate events to announce two new devices. This way not only will it get more media attention, but it’s new devices that we know will be hit products in the market won’t have to share the spotlight and will get adequate amount of coverage on their respective launch events. John Gruber also notes that iPhone is the most important product in today’s Apple lineup, and brings more revenue than whole of Microsoft so Apple won’t share iPhone’s stage with another product that might steal the spotlight.

I’m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events. First, an iPhone event, focused solely on the new iPhone and iOS 6. Then, the iPhone ships nine days later, and there’s another wave of iPhone-focused attention as the reviews come out. Then, in the first or second week of October, Apple holds its traditional “music event”, exactly along the lines of the events at which they’ve been debuting new iPods for the last decade. (Maybe more of an “iTunes event” than just “music event”, given the rise of other media like TV shows, movies, and books.)

I couldn’t agree more with what Gruber has to say about the launch events and I totally agree that it makes sense for Apple to introduce the new iPhone and iPad mini in separately. In the first event i.e expected to take place on September 12 Apple could just announce the new iPhone and demonstrate the features of iOS 6 (again). Then in the second event that could take place in first or second week of October Apple could announce the iPad mini, new iPod touch, smaller iPods, Apple TV, and a redesigned version of iTunes. It all makes sense to me.

What about you?

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