Facebook Messenger for iOS updated to add timeline, emoji support, and last active feature

After releasing the new and improved Facebook app for iOS, the social networking giant has released another update in the App Store. This time the update is for it’s official Messenger app that allows users to chat with their online Facebook buddies. The update brings emoji keyboard support to the app allowing users to add smileys and other shapes to their messages. The update also brings timeline support to the app allowing users to view Facebook Timeline of their friends by tapping on their name from the conversation page.

Perhaps the most important feature that this update brings is it shows the user when their friend was active on Facebook last time. The app now shows ‘active 2 minutes ago’ tag line right below friend’s name so that the users could know when was the last time a person was online or active on Facebook.

The update brings several bug fixes along with an improved new message sound too.

Facebook app for iOS devices is available in the App Store for free.

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