Verdict: Samsung copied Apple. Apple to get $1 billion in damages

The verdict for the Samsung vs. Apple legal fight is out and the jury has decided that it was Samsung that copied Apple and infringed it’s patents. The jury also noted that non of Apple’s products copied Samsung’s products and they do not infringe any patent owned by the South Korean company. The court also announced that Apple will get $1.049 billion in damages from Samsung while Samsung won’t get a dime from Apple. Apple asked for $2.5 billion from Samsung in Damages. Although the sum of money Apple is receiving is huge, it is quite less when compared to what the company had asked for.

Some of the patents that the court found Samsung to be infringing include Apple’s bounce-back patent that covers the bounce back effect Apple devices give when the user reaches the bottom of the menu. Court also found that Samsung devices also use the scrolling, two finger gestures, and tap to zoom on multitouch screen, that have also been patented by Cupertino based Apple.

The court found that Samsung also infringes some of Apple’s design patents including the iPhone’s array of icons accross the board. Most Samsung devices were found infringing this Apple patent.

Samsung’s hopes were fully tarnished when the court decided not to invalidate Apple patents. None of the patents Samsung challenged in the court were invalidated by the jury, giving Apple an edge over Samsung and other competitors. However none of Samsung’s patent were invalidated too.

The verdict seems to have put a positive impact on Apple’s stocks. Right after the verdict was announced AAPL stock jumped to 675.11‎ +11.89‎ (1.79%‎). The company was last seen trading at 663.22 +0.59‎ (0.09%‎) .


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