More rumors regarding iPod nano with WiFi and iPad mini surface

As the launch events for next generation Apple devices are approaching, new rumors regarding upcoming iOS and iPod products have started to pop up on different sites. GizChina and Macotakara both have posted interesting information regarding next generation iPod touch, iPod nano, and rumored iPad mini.

First rumor comes from Japanese site Macotakara that reports next generation iPod nano will feature WiFi connectivity to allow users to download music from iTunes store directly from their iPod nano. It may also allow them to stream music from iTunes music cloud. The device is said to feature a touch screen that will be much larger than the one found on current generation iPod nano, and will also have a iOS device like home button to get to the home screen.

Second rumor is from the site called GizChina that has posted photos of what it considers to be of the upcoming iPod touch cases. The cases feature lesser tapered edges hinting at a redesign, cut outs for camera with LED flash, and a new ‘mystery hole’ in the lower left hand side of the case.

Third rumor also comes from Macotakara and is regarding the iPad mini. The rumor suggests that Apple’s smaller tablet that is expected to feature a 7.85-inch screen will indeed be called ‘iPad mini’. The word ‘mini’ should not be unfamiliar for those who have followed Apple news in the last decade, as the company introduced an iPod mini back in 2004, replacing it with iPod nano line up in 2005.

Macotakara that got it’s information from a Chinese source also writes that the new iPad mini will have ‘iPad’ written on it’s back, just like iPod is written at the back of iPod touch and iPad is written at the back of the current iPad model.

[via 9to5Mac]

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