Add a timer to with CamTime tweak for jailbroken iOS devices

Many users have replaced their point and shoot cameras with their iPhone thanks to the advanced camera technology of their smartphone. The device’s has many feature but those who often take pictures with their iPhone usually complain about lack of timer in the app. I am sure many third party camera apps available in the App Store have the timer functionality, but as you might agree there’s nothing better than having a feature in the default app instead of downloading another application for just one purpose. CamTime is a new Cydia tweak that adds a timer to iOS’s stock

Once installed CamTime is extremely simple to use as there are no settings to configure. Just tap on the clock icon located on the side of the click button. After the icon has been tapped a pop up will appear with the num pad enabling users to enter the time in seconds. Users can enter whatever digits they like to get ready to pose before the picture is taken. The tweak also shows the time remaining in the shot with a counter that counts backwards.

CamTime not only works when taking photos, but it can also be used when recording videos from iPhone or iPad’s camera. To do so simply flick the switch to enter the recording mode and tap on the clock icon to enter the time.

CamTime is a super useful tweak for those who use their iOS devices for taking pictures. You can download CamTime tweak for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for free from Cydia.

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