StatusBulletin tweak replaces iOS’s banners with minimalistic status bar notifications

If you are one of those people who hate iOS 5′s banner notifications, then I have got a great news for you. A new tweak called StatusBulletin is now available in Cydia. What this tweak does is it replaces the usual iOS notification banners with subtle status notifications. The tweak displays the icon of the app and the message in such a minimalistic manner that after a few days of usage you will forget that these are not the default notifcations of iOS. StatusBulletin tweak features several themes that can be chosen from All of these themes feature different styles to change the look and feel of status notifications.

StatusBulletin is a great tweak that makes iOS notifications even better, however the only thing I think some people might find problematic is that the status notifications are so subtle that they might not be able to notice when a notification is displayed. Apart from that it is a must have tweak for those who want to get rid of iOS’s notifications.

StatusBulletin tweak is based on Ryan Petrich’s DietBulletin tweak that also features similar functionality. The developer of this tweak won’t be releasing updates and will now work on DietBulletin along with Ryan Petrich.

StatusBulletin is a free tweak available under ModMyi’s repo.

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