Alleged photo of next generation iPhone’s A6 chip appears on the web

Alleged photo of sixth generation iPhone’s logic board has surfaced on the web thanks to Sonny Dickson, who posted the photo on his Twitter account. The most important aspect of this leaked image is that it actually shows the processor of the device. The processor chip as can be in the image above has A6 written on it. There have been reports regarding Apple using the slightly upgraded A5x chip in the next iPhone instead of introducing a completely new family of it’s chip for next generation iOS devices. Apple iPhone 4S and iPad 3 feature A5 processors with iPad 3 having a better version called A5X to handle more graphics. A6 however is expected to be Quad-Core instead of Dual-core like A5.

Although nothing can be said with certainty about the legitimacy of these photos, it is interesting to see someone claim that next iPhone will have a Quad-Core chip.

Also interestingly the picture seen above is a photo of another photo running on a monitor. That means the person who took the photo did not have access to the chip itself, but had a picture of it running on the computer.

Sonny Dickson tweeted another photo today. The second photo i.e attached below shows the new 8-pin data/charge cable for next generation iOS devices.

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