Here’s how next iPhone’s 4-inch screen will look like in action

The most important and highly anticipated new feature of the next iPhone’s is it’s larger screen. Since Apple launched the iPhone back in 2007, the device has carried a screen size of 3.5-inches. But now for the first time ever the company has decided to increase the screen size of it’s popular smartphone, giving it an extra 0.5-inch diagonally. The sixth generation iPhone is expected to sport a resolution of 1136×640, which is higher when compared to 960×640 resolution of iPhone 4S. It is also expected to carry a 16:9 aspect ratio in order to play movies perfectly.

As it is known thanks to leaks and rumors that iPhone 5 will carry a 4-inch screen instead of 3.5-inch, MacRumors has created a video to demonstrate the difference between the two screen sizes by comparing them. The new screen size as you can see in the video above will allow iOS to show more icons in folders, an extra icon row on home screen, more real estate for apps, wider playing area for games, wider space for watching videos and photos, more area for viewing webpages and reading, and much more.

As the video proves the larger screen will make the iPhone experience better than it ever was, displaying content more beautifully for the users. It’s not only a good development for users, but is also a win for Apple and it’s developer community who will now have more space to use for their iOS applications.


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