Twitter alternative App.Net gets it’s first unofficial iOS client called AppNet Rhino

Recently a new social networking site called App.Net launched, that basically is Twitter without ads. Users can sign up for this service for $50 a year and connect with other people who have done the same. Although App.Net is yet to release it’s official iPhone and iPad client, a third-party developer has made a app for iOS which is now available in the App Store for download. The client made by developer Goran Vuksic is called AppNet Rhino. It has similar design features as’s desktop site. AppNet Rhino allows users to sign in to their account and view user streams, mentions, profiles, global stream, post new status, reply to other users, follow and unfollow users, watch videos shared by other users, open webpages, and more.

AppNet Rhino currently lacks the functionality of uploading photos to the social network, but considering this is the first release, we hope that the developer will add this and other features in upcoming releases.

Just like, AppNet Rhino features many similarities with the official Twitter app for iOS. Users can view conversations by tapping on the post, video thumbnails of Youtube videos shared by other users, and open links in the in-app browser without having to leave the app itself.

AppNet Rhino is of to a good start and is a nice app to have if you are using service. It is not a universal app yet, and is available in the App Store for free.

Download AppNet Rhino

[via CultofMac]

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