Google releases Youtube app for iOS. We go hands-on

Right after Apple pulled the native Youtube app from iOS in the latest beta version of iOS 6, it became clear that Google will release it’s own solution in the App Store soon. Now about a week before iOS 6 is expected to become available to public Google has unleashed it’s new Youtube app for iPhone and iPod touch and it is now available for download. Unlike the older app that is still present in latest version of iOS 5, the new Youtube app by Google looks fresh and works like a charm. It is much more responsive than the stock app and offers a wide range features that have been missing from iOS’s stock Youtube app over the last five years. Read on for screenshots and our views on the new Youtube app for iOS devices.

Right after you launch the new Youtube app, you will notice how fast and fluid it is. The app seems to have taken it’s design cues from the official Google+ app for iOS and features a side panel that allows users to sign in, accesss settings, add channels, and view different Youtube categories. The app also features the popular ‘pull to refresh’ gesture that refreshes the Youtube feed for the users.

Searching for videos is an integral part of the Youtube experience, and Google has taken good care of this aspect. You can search from videos from anywhere in the app by simply tapping on the search glyph. While entering the keywords you will notice that the app recommends words as you type just like the desktop version of the Youtube app, which is very helpful. If you don’t feel like typing you can tap on the mic button located on the side of the search field and speak the words of your search term just like you can do on the Google Search app.

The now playing page of the app has been designed according to iPhone’s screen size. On the top of the page users can watch the video without going into the full screen mode. The other half of the screen displays detail related to the current videos including likes and dislikes it has received, description, and uploaders name. Uses can subscribe to video’s channel by tapping on the ‘+’ button located right next to uploaders’s name. To view suggestions based on the current video, and read comments posted by fellow Youtubers users can slide right to left. To go to the full screen mode they can tap on the expand button that is made up of four arrows.

Google has integrated sharing options in the new Youtube app that enable users to share their favorite videos on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, email, and iMessage.

Youtube app by Google is available for free in the App Store. Download it from the link below.

Download Youtube



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