What exciting features does the new iPhone 5 have?

Apple is constantly developing and improving their products so customers can get the most out of their devices, whether it’s their iPhone or their iPad. Apple has managed to give a whole new dimension to its cell phone and it really is cellular intelligence at its best.

As a gadget-fanatic, you’ll know that the only downside to the apple products is that they do not support Flash, which means you cannot view websites which might use this technology such as the YouTube site or even games sites like partypoker which may use Flash to animate their icons. However, Flash is becoming outdated and more devices are opting not to support it. Apple is set to launch their latest device – the iPhone 5 – today. It is packed with exciting new features which you are sure to be keen to read all about.

It is thought that the iPhone 5 has 2 or 3 internal antennae. It also has a special sim slot which means you can insert any country’s sim.

In addition, the iPhone 5′s screen is thought to be slightly bigger, measuring in at around 4-inches. The design is also something quite new and different since it’s thought to be tear-drop shaped. The device will be much slimmer and lighter than earlier models. It is also set to have an aluminium plate casing.

Some rumours are flying around claiming an A5 chip will be integrated into the iPhone 5 which has a clocking speed in range of 1.2 or 1.5 GHz with 1 GB Ram.

In addition, another handy feature is that the phone will be charged via a dock, rather than having to use charging cables. The new model is also thought to have more battery time than the iPhone 4 which has 14 hours of talk time.

Some research conducted from mobile users in the USA, Mexico and Canada revealed that half of BlackBerry users and 27 percent of android users are planning to switch to the new iPhone.

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