Apple to release Lightning to HDMI and VGA cables in the coming months

Along with the new iPhone 5 and iPods, Apple introduced a new kind of 9-pin dock and cable for all of it’s handheld devices. Now every latest version of iOS devices and iPods except the new iPad comes with a new kind of data and charging port called Lightning. The lightning port is 80% smaller than the previous 30-pin port found on all previous iOS and iPod devices. This new charging port has created a stir in the accessory industry, as all the previous accessories designed for older devices will simply not be compatible with newer devices. To solve this problem Apple has introduced a new adapter that will convert the new cable’s smaller port into larger 30-pin connector so that older accessories would work on the new iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, and 2012 iPod nano.

But what about video output and iPod out limitations? Well Apple has a solution for that too, TheVerge reports that Apple plans to release a new Lightning to HDMI and VGA cables in the coming months that will allow users to connect their brand new devices with HDMI and VGA displays. No word on the availability has been shared yet other than the speculation of it becoming available in the coming months. Price is also not mentioned in TheVerge’s report but it is expected that the new cable will be priced around $29, just like the existing one.

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