New iCloud site goes live with new apps and iOS like notifications

Apple’s new iCloud site that is hosted at pricey is now live for everyone. The new site brings apps that were previously available only to developers including the new Notes and Reminders apps. These two new apps work just like the other iCloud apps and enable users to get access to their notes and reminders they created on their Mac or iOS device while on the go. Users can not only access the Notes and Reminders they have created on other devices but they can also add new ones which automatically are synced on connected Macs and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Other than the new Notes and Reminders applications, Apple has also added the new iOS like notification banners to What these notifications do is they notify a user whenever a new mail arrives in their iCloud mail’s inbox. The design of the banners has completely been borrowed from notifications banners of iOS 5 and display the name of the sender and subject of the incoming mail. The banners also work for Reminders, Find My iPhone, and Calender applications. Other changes this update for iCloud site brings include VIP Mailbox feature for Mail app and a tweaked design for Find My iPhone application.

To use the new apps and preview the new notification banners on simply sign in with your Apple ID here.

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