Unboxing photos of the new iPhone 5 start hitting the web

According to Apple’s official website the first batch of newly announced iPhone 5 smartphones will be delivered to customers who have pre-ordered the device on September 21, but it looks like some lucky folks who pre-ordered the device are starting to have their shiny new iPhone 5 delivered to them in advance. The new iPhone 5′s box as seen in the image above is black in color and features a different design than the previous iPhone’s box. On inside the phone is accompanied by the new Lightning cable, new Earpods headphone, and a power adapter. Interestingly the new Earpods are packed in a travel case that is placed inside the iPhone’s box.

These unboxing photos give us an inside look at the new iPhone 5′s packaging and it’s new box, however we am more interested in the unboxing videos and speed comparisons that will start hitting the web very soon. Here are more photos.

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