Payback 2 for iOS to hit the App Store in October. Check out these gameplay screenshots

Right after four years of the release of original Payback game for iOS devices, it’s developer Apex has announced that if everything went according to the plan it’s sequel will hit the App Store in October. For those of you who don’t know, original Payback game was the first GTA like game to ever hit the App Store (even before Rockstar’s GTA) and was immensely popular among iOS gamers. Now the developers of Payback 2 have not only announced the release of the game but have also shared a few screenshots and gameplay details.

According to a post by TouchArcade the game campaign will be event based, that means users will be able to create and customize their own events in the game. Good news for the monster inside you, Payback 2 also features the Rampage mode of the original game in which you can run around the city destroying stuff. There are other game modes too but Apex didn’t shared everything and left some surprises for the game’s release.

For the self created event, there is a new artificial intelligence in the game. Also included is the must have multiplayer mode that allows users to play with other players both locally and online through internet. The multiplayer mode features both real life and CPU players.

As far as graphics are concerned, they look quite good in the screenshots. Payback 2 features full 3D graphics that take advantage of hardware acceleration of iOS devices.

Exact date of release, compatibility details, and pricing is still unknown at this point. We will let you know as soon as Payback 2 is available for download. Till then take a look at the screenshots below.

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