Old Google Maps app ported to jailbroken iOS 6 [video]

Like most iOS users if you are too annoyed by iOS 6′s stock Maps app then I have got a great news for you. Popular iOS hacker Ryan Petrich who makes awesome iOS jailbreak tweak has ported the old Google Maps app of iOS 5 to iOS 6.0, which according to hacker works fine but requires jailbreak. Ryan Petrich has even posted a video of the old Google Maps app running on an iDevice with iOS 6 installed. Although Google Maps app works on the new iOS 6 Ryan Petrich says that the app isn’t ready to be released to public yet as it involves SDK binaries that are not redistributable. Hacker thinks that he can perform a work around and can release the app for everyone, but isn’t certain. He has not given a timeline for it’s release as well but judging from how fast the app was ported to iOS 6, we expect that hackers will make the old app fully compatible with iOS 6 and a public version will be available soon.

Ryan Petrich has shared the following information with TNW

Currently it requires binaries from both an older 5.1 SDK and an older 5.1 version of iOS and is thus not redistributable. This issue was solved in the earlier “Spire” project I worked on with Grant Paul by building an installer that had the device fetch the appropriate files directly from Apple’s CDN, but it’s not clear that a similar approach would work here. There is no timeline on when it might be ready as I’m not certain this can be overcome.

Also, I’ve only gone through the effort to support the official Maps app and not the in-app MapKit views that are used in Foursquare and other apps. If the redistribution problem can be solved, I intend to add an option to bridge embedded map views over as well.

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