Sparrow to get iPhone 5 support soon

If you recently bought an iPhone 5 or plan to do it in the future then I have got a great news for you. Popular third party mail client for iOS, Sparrow will get updated to natively support your device soon. Sparrow’s founder who sold his company to Google announced this on Twitter. Previously it was announced that after being acquired by Google the Sparrow app for iOS and Mac will not receive any new features in the future but periodic bug fixes and minor updates will be released for the apps.

Sparrow is the only third party mail app available in the App Store that has been able to fully replaced the stock for many iOS users, no other app has been able to achieve the level of success Sparrow enjoys so it is nice to have it optimized for iPhone 5 and not see the black areas on top and bottom of the app.

If you don’t have it already, you can grab Sparrow for $2.99 from the link below.

Download Sparrow

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