Google’s New Maps App for iOS Will Be Released Later This Year

Since iOS 6′s release Apple has received a lot of criticism for dropping the Google Maps in favor of it’s own Maps service that has several flaws and inaccuracies. Many thought that Google has already submitted the new Maps app in the App Store just like it did with the Youtube app and Apple is not approving it to force iOS 6 users to use the stock Maps app, this speculation was later debunked by Google’s Chairman Eric Schidmt who in an interview revealed that his company has not submitted any application for it’s Mapping service in the App Store.

Now NYTimes reports that Google is working on a new Maps app for iPhone and iPad which will be released to public later this year. Google hopes to finish the application by end of this year according to people who are involved in this project. According to NYT’s report Google was not expecting Apple to remove the Google Maps application from iPhone and other iOS devices in iOS 6 so soon because they still had one year left in their contract.

The report also suggests that Google wants to combine or at least bring Google Earth app’s 3D feature to it’s main Maps app to better compete with Apple Maps on iOS 6, that provide a great 3D experience (for the parts of the earth they actually work) and adding this feature to the Maps app would take time.

So there you go folks, if you were hoping to get Google Maps on your iOS 6 device you are out of luck. If everything goes according to plan you would still have to wait at least a few months for Google Maps app to become available for your iPhone or iPad. Let’s hope hackers are able to port the old Google Maps app to iOS 6 soon for the interim period.


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