What is Mapgate? iPhone 5 Demand Unaffected by iOS 6 Maps Controversy

After all the hoopla surrounding the flaws found in Apple’s Maps application you might have thought for a second that the sales of the newly announced iPhone 5 will be badly affected by this negative press iOS 6 has been getting. Well if you thought so you need to think again, as Piper Jaffray analyst says that customers are not concerned about the lack of a perfect maps application on the device and demands for iPhone 5 are as high as they would have been without the MapGate.

According to AllThingsD’s report Analyst Gene Munster surveyed around 20 Apple Stores in different parts of the US only to find out that they are still facing short supplies for the new iPhone 5. Out of 20 only 4 stores had iPhone 5 stock, which were in smaller cities and the units they had were for Sprint.

His take on Apple’s mapping misstep? It’s not causing much user backlash. “Demand remains high,” Munster explained. “The bottom line is that consumers do not seem to be overly concerned about the shortcomings of Maps.”

ATD’s in its report also says that despite having high demand for iPhone 5, Apple CEO’s decision to apologize for shortcomings of the new Apple Maps application has only strengthened the Apple brand and has minimized the affect this issue might have on Apple as a company, which is among the top most respected brands of the world today.

As for the iFans, this meme remains true.


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