Earpods for iPod touch 5th Gen. and iPod nano 7th Gen. lack volume control and mic


As with the previous iPod models, the iconic white Apple earphones also known as ‘Earpods’ will ship without the volume control buttons and mic. The news comes from Japanese site Macotakara that has posted hands on videos for the newly released Apple devices. The new Earpods for iPods not only lack some of the features found on iPhone 5′s earphones but they also come in a different packaging, that works as temporary housing for the Earpods instead of the reusable plastic case with a cover that comes with iPhone 5 Earpods.

Interestingly when the Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic that comes with iPhone 5 was connected with iPod touch 5th gen. and the new iPod nano it worked perfectly fine and recorded sounds as well as increased and decreased the volume of both the devices. So it is definitely not a compatiblility issue. While it is fine with the new iPod nano, users will need a mic to use Siri for creating reminders and other tasks without taking the iPod touch out of their pockets. A mic on the earphones is also useful when making a Facetime call on iPod touch.

So if you were planning to use the new Earpods with volume control buttons and mic with your new iPod touch or iPod nano, you will have to purchase $29 Earpods separately as the ones that come with your device as stock won’t feature much needed functionalities.


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