Apple to hold iPad mini event on October 23? [Update: Yep]

Apple was rumored to hold an iPad mini event on October 17 after sending out event invitations on October 10, which didn’t happen as today is Oct 12. So when will this widely discussed device be unveiled to the world if it actually exists? Well AllThingsD seems to have an answer for that question as it reports that it has heard from good old people familiar with the matter that iPad mini will be announced on October 23, at an event that is expected to take place inside Apple’s campus in the famous Town Hall Auditorium that the company used to announce OS X Lion, iPhone 4S and several other products in the past. The event as always will be invitation-only according to ATD, but they haven’t specified the date on which the invitation is expected to arrive for those who will be invited to the event.

We have heard so many unofficial reports about the upcoming iPad mini tablet that it will be hard to believe if all the rumors turn out to be just the rumors. We will update you with more on this topic later as more is details (rumors) are available to share.

You can follow all the updates about smaller iPad at our iPad mini channel here.

Update: Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has confirmed the report by AllThingsD by responding with a ‘Yep’.

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