Alleged Shots of the New Google Maps App for iOS Leaked

Ever since Apple has released iOS 6 to the public there have been reports about Google working on a Native app for iOS that would be released in the App Store soon. Now alleged shots of alpha verison of Google Maps app have leaked over the internet that show the app running on an iPhone 5. The new app is said to have vector based directions, two finger rotation to any angle, and support for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Gen.’s 4-inch screen. The shots appeared on a site called BenGuild which notes that the new app is ‘super fast’.

The shots are blurry and do not cover the whole area of the screen.They can be easily faked though so don’t get too excited over it. If the Google Maps app is in alpha mode for real then expect it to get released in coming months, possibly before the end of this year. Here are more shots of the leaked app.

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