iPhone 5 Jailbreak Gets Fully Tethered, Still Far From Release

If you are one of those iOS users who like to jailbreak their devices to perform customizations on them, we have got a good news for you. Chronic Dev Team member @PlanetBeing has tweeted that he has preformed a full tethered jailbreak on his iPhone 5. He says that he has upgraded his device to a kernel exploit which enables his iPhone 5 to actually run tweaks. Don’t get too excited though as @Planetbeing in his tweet has indicated that the jailbreak still requires a dev account, meaning it is not ready for general users, yet. He has not specified an ETA for the jailbreak’s release but it is still nice to know that someone is working and making progress in jailbreaking Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone.

This is not the first time we are hearing about iPhone 5 getting jailbreaked. Previously @Chpwn shared images on his Twitter account that showed Cydia running on an iPhone 5 after jailbreaking it in less than 24 hours.


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