Install Universal Video Downloader app from Cydia to download videos from any iOS app

Downloading web videos on a PC is easy as there are plenty of extensions available for web browsers that download the content with just one click, but same cannot be said about the iOS devices. On iOS there’s no way of downloading a video from the web by default and the apps or jailbreak tweaks have a limited functionality. For this purpose a new app has become available in Cydia called Universal Video Downloader. This app allows users to download any video that is being played on the screen. It detects the video currently playing and prompts the user if he wants to download it or not. If the user presses the download button the video is downloaded and stored in the app, which can be accessed through the home screen icon.

Universal Video Downloader works in all applications I tested it on. It even worked in FIFA 13 and other games and asked if I want to download the intro video – pretty useful right? When you download a video the app asks you to enter a name for it. Once you have entered the name the app calculates the video’s size and then downloads it for you. Universal Video Downloader comes with a built-in video player that enables users to watch the downloaded videos on their iOS device.

Universal Video Downloader app has a settings page that can be used to configure the application according to your needs. You can set the app to resume videos where you left last time while watching, alert you when a download has completed, enable the download feature for all applications  and change the app settings to download the highest available quality of the video.

Universal Video Downloader app is available for free in Cydia under the Bigboss repo. It is compatible with iOS 4.3 or above.

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