Hackers make progress on iPad mini jailbreak, dev account still required

Hackers have already announced iPad mini jailbreak in just under 24 hours of its release. iOS hacker MuscleNerd has tweeted a screenshot image from his iPad mini that shows the device running terminal. MuscleNerd’s iPad mini is also showing ‘root#’ on it, which means that the hackers have made significant progress on jailbreaking this recently released Apple gadget. In his tweet MuscleNerd has mentioned the word ‘failbreak’ and has suggested to check @planetbeing’s timeline. The term failbreak was used by @planetbeing in the tweet in which he announced that the new iPhone 5 has been jailbreaked and he has been able to run tweaks on it, but the jailbreak process on the device requires a developer account. A developers account costs $99 per year and not everyone can have one which makes the current jailbreaking solution not practical.


With the mention of word ‘failbreak’ hacker MuscleNerd has indicated that the iPad mini jailbreak also requires a dev account and will take some time to get ready for everyone’s use. iPad mini has same A5 processor as the iPhone 4S and iPad 2nd generation, both of which have been jailbreaked previously.

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