iOS 6.1 Siri will buy tickets for you via Fandango

Apple has seeded iOS 6.1 beta to developers who are constantly looking for new features in the new upcoming version of iOS, and now they have succesfully found a big one. Developers have found [via 9to5Mac] that users will be able to purchase movie tickets from their iOS devices using Siri. All they will have to do is run Siri and tell it to buy the tickets of the movie they want to watch. After listening to user’s command Siri displays the theaters and show timings for the said movie. It then shows a buy movie tickets button that opens the Fandango app for iOS where users can pay for the tickets.

If Fandango app is not installed Siri opens the App Store page of the app so that user can download it from there. Apple has also added sample queries for getting movie tickets on the info page of Siri in iOS 6.1.

As not all theaters are ‘compatible’ with this offering, Siri shows a small ticket icon with the theaters that support this feature. Currently the feature is U.S. only and only works with Fandango. It will be available to all Siri running iOS 6.1 devices when the update is released publicly.

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