Puzzlino, 4in1 puzzle game for kids [review]

Along with all the great things iOS devices are capable of doing, they also act as very good tools when it comes to teaching the young ones and grown ups alike. There are several good apps available in the App Store that make the learning process easier and fun for kids and Puzzlino is one of them. Puzzlino is a fun and interactive puzzle game for children that features 4 different puzzles in which a child has to match objects with correct shapes and right colors. The whole idea of the app is to teach children and increase their memory and creativity levels by making them remember puzzle locations and interacting with iPhone or iPad’s touch screen.

Puzzlino app targets the children market and does that pretty well. The puzzles and other parts of the app feature multiple bright colors that make the app attractive for youngsters. The app is perfect for toddlers who once get the hold of how to play the game will never leave your iOS device alone – so think twice before downloading this app and handing your iPhone to the naughty ones.

Puzzlino features four game modes that bring different gameplay to the table. The game modes include the Shape Mode, Color Mode, Memory Mode, and Free Mode. All these modes are different from each other and provide a new challenge to the player. In the Shape mode users have to complete the puzzle by matching the correct shapes. In Color mode users have to match the objects with right colors in order to complete the puzzle. In the Memory mode random colors are displayed which match the objects, the colors then dissappear and player has to match them with the object in order to complete the puzzle, this exercise enhances a child’s memory. Lastly, the Free mode lets kids to mode objects randomly and freely, and have fun.

Features of Puzzlino game include:

  • 4 stunning game modes in 1
  • Fun and educational value
  • Intuitive user interface with remarkable controls
  • Stellar sounds and graphics
  • Boost creativity through enhanced learning

Puzzlino is not for grown ups so if you don’t have a child at your home its not for you, but if you do then its a must have as it not only allows kids to have fun but also teaches them some high value educational stuff that books alone can’t do that effectively. Puzzlino is a universal app that means you will be able to use the app on all iOS devices including the iPad natively at a single purchase.

Puzzilino is available in the App Store for $1.99.

Download Puzzlino

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