What to expect from your new Macbook Air?

The design of the notebook computer has changed drastically in recent years. Gone are the lap crushing, battery hogging and clunky models. New notebooks are fast, slim and ultraportable. They offer improved performance over the likes of mobile tablets and phones and they have more functionality. New users who have purchased a new Macbook Air will quickly discover that it is the definitive example of a top-end notebook.

Features Of The Macbook Air

The unique design of the Macbook Air is perhaps its defining feature. The sturdy aluminium frame measures less than 2 centimetres thin and weighs under 3 pounds. However, the compact design is deceptive, as the thin notebook contains the latest Intel Core processor. The Macbook Air is powerful enough to run applications that require large amounts of processing power with ease. Other features include the latest Mac OSX operating system and a high-resolution 13 or 15 inch display.

How It Compares To Other Models And Brands

Other brands of notebooks cannot compare to the compact design of the Macbook Air. The smaller components of the system also means that there is more room for the battery, and the Air’s standby mode and battery life is one of the best performing on the market. The powerful processor, as well as cutting edge graphics card and RAM memory, makes it one of the fastest notebooks available.

Windows Compatibility With iOS

Users who are accustomed to Windows will be pleased to discover that most applications have been ported to iOS, and they can expect to use the same software as they always have done. Popular Windows applications like Microsoft Office and the Adobe software suite work on the iOS. There are some software applications that aren’t compatible, but most of them have Mac equivalents. Windows applications can also run on the Macbook Air by using the Boot Camp utility, which allows for a separate Windows operating system to be installed on the notebook. For gamers, Steam and EA’s Origin software can both be installed on the iOS, as can many other games.


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