Get rid of’s cover flow feature with NoCoverFlow tweak from Cydia

Stock’s Cover Flow has been part of the app since the original iPhone. Although the featured is loved by many iOS users, a lot people find it annoying since it appears even when a user puts his or her iOS device in landscape mode unintentionally  In iOS there’s no way to turn the Cover Flow feature off, and if you don’t want it to appear then the only solution you have is to put your iPhone or iPad in orientation lock which further causes problems if you are using multiple apps while listening to music. Now a Cydia tweak called NoCoverFlow has become available in the Cydia Store that disables the Cover Flow feature of the

Not only this app disables the Cover Flow but it also adds a landscape mode to the stock Music app through which users can access all parts of the app while their device is in the landscape mode. NoCoverFlow is a simple tweak and there are no options to configure. It is available in the BigBoss repo for free.

[Img credit: ModMyi]

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