Apple releases iTunes 11 for Mac. Download Now!

After delaying its release for a full month, Apple has finally released iTunes 11 and it is now available for download. iTunes 11 that has been released for the Mac features simpler design and cleaner user-interface than the previous version. The new version makes it easier for users to manage music and video collections, it also brings new design for the Music library, mini player and other sections of the player. The app now has a new icon too.

Apple has also changed the look of iTunes Store components and have made them more similar to the Store apps found on iOS devices. iTunes 11 also brings a deeper  integration of iCloud on the Mac and allows users to directly access the media files they have stored in their iCloud account. A nice feature added in iTunes in this latest version enable the player to remember where you left a movie, TV Show, podcast, audio book, or iTunes U lesson and continue from the same point where you left. Users can start from where they left on other Apple devices as well.

iCloud is also fully integrated into the new iTunes player on the Mac. Media that you have stored in iCloud will now be fully accessible via the player, not only in the iTunes Store like in previous iTunes versions. iCloud can also now remember where you left off while watching a TV show, movie, or listening to a podcast, iTunes U lesson, or audio book. If you pause one of those forms of media on one device, you can continue watching where you left off on another device.

iTunes 11 is available for download through the Mac App Store. Apple has yet to release the Windows version.

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