Purported and most likely fake ‘iPhone 5S’ images surface

While Apple is still facing supply shortages for the recently released iPhone 5, the rumor mill is back again with a very bold claim of leaking iPhone 5S to the world. The new images have appeared on the web that are claimed to be of the rear shell of the next generation iPhone model. Although we are taking these pictures as fake there are some notable things that make these images somewhat interesting.

The allegedly leaked iPhone 5S part mostly looks similar to the rear shell of iPhone 5 but has some features that differentiate it from the current model. The arrangement of the screw holes for attacheing to the logic board on this ‘iPhone 5S’ rear shell is different from that of iPhone 5 rear shell.


Other than that there are other differences as well as you can see in the highlighted sections in the image above comparing the rear shells of the two devices. The origin of these images is unknown but the quality of the allegedly leaked part looks quite near to the quality of a real Apple product at least in the first glance. This might have been a very nicely made knockoff or an early iPhone 5 prototype, nothing can be said with surety at this point of time.

Sources: eTradeSupply via MacRumors

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