Google takes it to Search homepage to promote Google Maps app for iPhone

Google’s recently released Google Maps app for iPhone has already taken the number one spot on the list of most popular free apps for iOS but the search giant isn’t done promoting its app just yet. In its promotion campaign Google is targeting the Apple users who were deprived of having a decent maps app since the release of iOS 6. Google right now is promoting the Google Maps for iPhone on its search engine’s home page.

Taking app’s promotion to the homepage of its immensely popular search engine is a big thing as the company only promotes some of its most important products on the site. Recently Google placed a link with an image of its Nexus 7 tablet on the homepage of

Google’s apps are quite popular on Apple’s iOS App Store. Right now three apps from total ten top free apps in the US Store are developed by Google with Google Maps, Youtube, and Google Earth taking the first, third, and fourth positions respectively.

Just like the Maps app Google’s Youtube app which has been part of iPhone and other iOS devices since the release of the original iPhone was removed by Apple because the 5 year contract between the two companies had ended.

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