Report: Apple’s cheaper iPhone to be made with plastic to keep the prices low, will be released in mid-2013

The low budget model of iPhone has came under spotlight once again as several sources are coming up with reports claiming that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone and planning on releasing it later this year. Following all the reports appearing on the web how could DigiTimes stay out of the rumor mill. Today Chinese publication reports that according to its supply chain sources the entry-level iPhone will feature a plastic chassis instead of glass and aluminum found in today’s relatively expensive version of iPhone to keep the costs down.

The report also suggest that the body of the upcoming cheaper iPhone will be made from both plastic and metal while internal metallic parts will visible from outside thanks to the special design.

DigiTimes says that the components for this new Apple device are now going through the validation process and that we might see the final product in the market during the second half of this year.

Last week two comparatively more credible sources, which include WSJ and Reuters also reported that a cheaper iPhone model was in the works but those reports were quickly denied by Apple’s Phil Schiller.

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