How to find UDID in iTunes 11 for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch [Guide]

Many iOS users find it a little hard to find UDID in iTunes 11 as Apple has changed the way of finding it in the latest version of iTunes. For those of you who are not aware what a UDID of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch actually is, every iPhone or iPad has a UDID or Unique Device Identifier, which is basically a combination of 40 numbers and letters that helps Apple and app developers in identifying iOS devices – as it is unique for every single device out there. In easier terminology, it is serial number which looks this way: 3c8dhh086fgjsabau87hdgw345bd4yjkh78fg664. In this post we will show you how you can find UDID in iTunes 11 or later versions.

Here is a brief guide for finding UDID in iTunes 11.

1-    Open iTunes and connect your iOS device to it.

2-    Now click on the library button on top right of your screen.

3-    Next click on the iPhone button on top right side, but don’t click on the small eject button.

4-    Open the summary page for your device “iPhone” or iPad.

5-    There you will see Serial Number, click on the label.

6-    It will get replaced by Unique Identifier.

7-    Copy that by using right click.

8-    Paste it anywhere you want.