You can now turn on Wi-Fi for chosen apps with Carnitine tweak

We have seen for Cydia tweaks for activating toggles for Wi-Fi and other settings and now a new hack called Carnitine tweak has been released that brings something new to the table. Carnitine is a jailbreak tweak that can activate Wi-Fi when specified apps are opened.

Carnitine tweak has caught the attention because it can activate Wi-Fi right away when you open any established app, without a command, GPS location or control timer. It is planned in such a way that you can access Wi-Fi whenever you need it, keeping it off when you don’t. However its implementation is not perfect right now as the technology is in very initial stages, but is expected to get developed very soon as its the first release and developer is already working on the improvements.

If you want to know the working of Carnitine, observe the working of ‘Protect My Privacy‘ Cydia app. Whenever you open a particular app, you will be asked in a dialog box that should Carnitine enable Wi-Fi automatically or not. If you click yes, Wi-Fi will be activated automatically.

Now every amazing feature has some negative points too. It has two major problems, the first problem is that Wi-Fi is not disabled automatically when you are done with your work on Wi-Fi required apps. The second problem is, it is not very easy to remove apps from the list of Carnitine’s ‘enable Wi-Fi’. If these two things are addressed in the coming version then Carnitine will definitely become a must have Cydia tweak.


As the approach is new, Carnitine tweak is not meant for masses, but a good concept indeed. It can become an attraction for many of us if the span of Carnitine tweak can undertake the settings for Bluetooth, GPS, cellular data etc as well along with Wi-Fi. These features can improve the battery life of our devices as well.

Carntine tweak is available for free in Cydia under the BigBoss repo.

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