Apple patent hints at brightness control feature that adjusts brightness according to on-screen content

Apple has been awarded a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for “Portable media device with power-managed display”. This feature makes the device capable for adjusting the brightness of screen according to the type of content displayed.

Apple’s team of geniuses keeps on bringing novelties in their devices. Photosensor adjustment controls have been there since quite long, however Apple’s approach has brought in new sensation by adjusting the screen brightness according to the content displayed. Presently many devices can auto dim when the surroundings are dark or when the device is not in use for set period of time. By this feature which has been patented as 273 patent, the kind and features of the on screen content are considered, which makes the brightness adjustment processes even more refined. This property can also help to increase the battery life with a significant margin.

It is not only the “displayed” content on which the brightness is adjusted, but also the vocals act as components of dependency. For instance, if the screen is showing light images the brightness will be lowered automatically. The procedure of brightness adjustment becomes even more complex when the displayed content is of video. Every characteristic like color, darkness, contrast and darkness needs to be monitored frame to frame.

This new approach looks very amazing however the consumption of processing power is still unclear. Lets see if this feature becomes part of upcoming models of iPhone.

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