Mailbox app opens registrations for users, coming in next few weeks

Mailbox app is said to be the most exciting iPhone app of 2013 and is expected to get released in the coming weeks. This new app will not be usable for everyone after its entry in the App Store due to limitations. Good news is that Mailbox app is going to be free but the bad news is you need to register yourself to get a turn for using it, at least initially from the registration page. On this page you can sign up to enable the app after downloading it on its release day. Mailbox right now is asking for phone numbers and says that they will send the activation code on first come first serve basis as the app becomes available in the App Store.

Orchestra describes the need of this reservation system as

“In order to ensure that people using Mailbox have a reliable and lightning-fast experience, we’re going to follow the path of services like Gmail, Pinterest, and Spotify and use reservations to control the flow of new accounts. We’ve decided that the best way to do this is with as much transparency as possible, so our system is really simple: reserve your Mailbox today if you haven’t already, and once the app is in the App Store, we will begin filling reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Also Gentry Underwood, the Mailbox app founder has commented about the registration process, “We spent a lot of time looking at the invite systems that other services like Gmail, Spotify, and Pinterest used to help them scale, and it became clear to us that we needed to do something transparent and equitable. It’s the most honest way we can think of to get Mailbox into the hands of everybody who wants it.”

Underwood also said that Mailbox is in great demand and the company is working on making the servers capable of compressing emails to make the email delivery process even quicker.

The Mailbox app brings something new to the table and is a worthy replacement to iOS’s built-in mail app and Sparrow, which after getting acquired by Google has not received much attention. However the registration and the wait list thing is pretty frustrating and annoying for those who were planning on buying it as soon as it was released in the App Store, even if it was paid.

Lets see how everything turns out upon launch. We will inform you as soon as Mailbox is available for download.

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