Futureful app brings unique browsing experience to iPad

Futureful is an app by Finland’s leading startup accelerator, which is defined as “part toy, part tool” by co-founder Marko Anderson. It is meant to make sure the availability of personal filter for internet’s miscellaneous content on the iPad.

Futureful has been officially released as a latest addition in the iPad’s ever growing list of apps. The app is designed to search patterns of digital content and allow users to discover new stuff online. Instead of developing its social network, Futureful excavates social data to give you access to significant information. It is just part of it and not the whole app revolves around it, as co-founder Andersen says that the app is not supposed to “define people by their social relationships alone.”

Futureful examines patterns of other users you might feel relevant to you, which is does by considering the people who like to share same interests. The theme of the app is base d in artificial intellect, mechanic learning and semantic tagging. So it gets polished as you move forward and use it for sometime. Greater you surf, better will be the relevancy.

Futureful is an entirely new approach of web surfing on the iPad. While surfing the internet, you can have a whole new world of content to discover. It is like joyful practice of individual relevancy, and enhancing inquisitiveness.  Select the tags to discover attractive pages of your interest. Attach Tags and fave to your pages, and make Futureful a “treat” for all.  Browse the web and become pioneer in to Fave innovation in web pages.

Futureful co-founder, Andersen further said, “Stumbleupon is great for serendipity. And Google is great for relevancy. But we think the space in between is where the magic is. It sounds very simple, I know, but it requires totally new AI and user interfaces and that’s what we want to provide.”

Futureful is currently available for iPad only. You can download it for free from the link below.

Download Futureful



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