Hackers working on Siri Voice Assistant port for older iOS devices

Yesterday Apple revealed iPhone 4S with a world changing Siri Voice Assistant feature. But sadly that’s an iPhone 4S feature only. But iH8sn0w the creator of sn0wbreeze jailbreaking utility has a good news for all of those who want to use Siri on their older iOS devices. iH8sn0w and John Heaton have started their work to port Siri Assistant to older devices and are quite hopeful about achieving success.

The above screenshot is of an iPod touch (4th generation) trying to run Siri Assistant but faces “not available” error. According to iH8sn0w porting Siri isn’t like changing the keywords in .plist file. Its harder and tedious work though they are still searching for solution and not yet ready to give up.

We will update you as we receive further details about this amazing port.

Via: Modmyi

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