Alleged iPad 5th generation casing with iPad mini like design leaked

Rumors about the upcoming iPad 5th generation have been circulating from quite some time. Reports say that its design will be very much similar to that of recently launched iPad mini, which has a different back and thinner design. The most likely features of fifth generation iPad design are considered to be sleek casing, chamfered edges, black, white and silver design language and overall a smaller footprint. 9to5Mac has today posted images received from a iPad accessories maker from China that allegedly reveals the looks of the new iPad 5th generation. According to them, the upcoming iPad may look like what you can see in the image above.

These alleged images of iPad 5th generation casing give a clear depiction of Apple’s next iPad looks with a 9.7 inch display. Reports also say that the 5th generation iPad casing will be as thin as iPad mini, which is just 7.2mm thick. The kind of casing revealed in the images seems to be for LTE model as it has that black line on top of it’s back.

Initially rumors said that this 5th generation iPad will be launched in March 2013, however the latest reports say that the launch is delayed till October. If the launch was expected this spring, then we would not be surprise if these cases turn out to be true.

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