iOS 6.1 sees record adoption rate with almost 22 percent users already using it

Apple’s latest upgrade to iOS 6.1 has not only driven the iOS Users to adopt it but have also set Android in action to face the competition. The incremental update was released on January 28th for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 6.1 has already become the most quickly adopted iOS update ever. According to a developer, in a time period of less than 2 days, almost 22 percent of iOS users have adopted the software update.

Estimates show that iPhone users have proven to be fastest in adopting iOS 6.1, with 24% of the total installing the software update in less than 24 hours. iPad users showed a relatively slower trend, with 20% installing the iOS 6.1 update in 20 hours. In total 44% of iOS Users are updated to iOS 6.1 in a week.

The info was revealed by OnSwipe app developer to TechCrunch, which cited all the figures. The CEO Onswipe Jason Baptiste revealed on 30th January, 2013 that polling shows more than 13 million iOS users. According to him the OTA updates might have played a vital role in boosting adoption rate of the new iOS version.

With removal of plugging your iOS device into a wall requirement, OTA has made the updating to the latest version of iOS really convenient.

The record adoption of iOS 6.1 beats Android by a huge margin as a small number of Android devices is running the latest Android Jelly bean version even months after its release.

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