Mirrorcase for iPhone makes it easier for iPhonegraphers to take spy photos and videos

If you like to take spy photos with your iPhone then your dream case has arrived. With Mirrorcase for iPhones you can take pictures and make videos when your phone is facing ground. This feature can let you capture weird objects or persons without even giving a single clue that they are been spied.

The camera of the iPhone works in a very distinct way with Mirrorcase. The case also features an adjustable mirror fixed in the “shelf” at the case’s top to make possible the reflection of what can be seen in the lens of the camera. While taking these secret photos, the shelf doubles your grip on the phone, as you must be holding the device with one hand, or it acts as a stand while being on plane surface.

Mirrorcase comes with two apps, which are available on the App Store. One is available for free while the other costs $0.99. The apps are required for this case to work properly.

Currently the Mirrorcase for iPhone only supports the iPhone 4 and 4S and is available for $50 in the market. iPad edition is also expected in near future, which will be followed by that of iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 model will have an additional feature of tucking the mirror in the case while not being in use.

In an interview given to Wired, John Palmeri, the Mirrorcase CEO said that he is expecting the iPad version of Mirrorcase to become more popular with students. He further said that the iPad version will allow you to bookmark points in video and also to add notes. So in case making video of a lecture, you can conveniently point out important section of the lesson. Also the iPad will not be obvious in making video, as it will be lying upward on the desk.

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