Apple launches much needed short links for iOS and Mac apps

Apple has launched a new short link URL address for the App Store applications with domain name. Apple announced the new address to developers a few days ago and now it looks like it is live for users around the world. The short link was revealed to the public for the first time during the Super Bowl ad of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ movie’s ad in which the official app was also mentioned with the new URL type.

The new name) address will help users in opening app pages quickly. Previously there was no way of opening an App’s iTunes page from the browser and users had to perform a Google search even for the links of most common apps such as Facebook. Right now if you type in your address bar, you will be redirected to iTunes where the app’s download page with description will appear.

While iOS users can simply type the URL followed by a ‘/’ and app’s name, Mac users need to type name) in order to access their desired application, which opens the Mac App Store app.

While the older links will continue to work Apple has directed App developers to make changes for the new URL.


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