Mailbox app for iPhone and iPod touch hits the App Store

The highly anticipated Mailbox app for iPhone devices has been released in the App Store and is now available for download. The app brings a new way of sending and receiving email on iPhone and iPod touch. Mailbox only supports Gmail right now but Orchestra, its developer has promised that other services will be added soon.

Mailbox app for iPhone completely re-imagines how we use email on our mobile devices as it is fast and easy to use. The Mailbox app for iPhone takes full advantage of iPhone’s touch screen and allows users to perform tasks using gestures such as swipe. With Mailbox users can scan an entire conversation at once, snooze email to read later, and more. The app also has a push notifications feature that alerts the users about new messages. 

Mailbox app for iPhone features a unique interface, which is similar to Clear app in many ways. It brings a fresh and unique experience for mail on the iPhone. Mailbox app is only available for iPhone and is not optimized for the iPad.

After the acquisition of Sparrow app by Google the announcement of Mailbox app was welcomed by the iOS community. The app received such a response that Orchestra had to give users codes to sign in and use the app. Codes were given on first come first serve basis and allow users to jump into the cue.

The app as you can see in the screenshot above is seeing a great response right after its release. We had a reservation code but still it isn’t working for us as of right now. You can download Mailbox right now and get in the cue.

Download Mailbox



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