Galaxy On Fire – Alliances MMO for iOS to debut in Q3 of 2013

Recent reports from the German Studio, Fishlabs reveal that Galaxy On Fire – Alliances will be released later this year. Fishlab’s Galaxy on Fire games for iOS devices have been immensely popular among iOS gamers due to their realistic gameplay and graphics. The studio has announced that it is currently working on an online multiplayer game, Galaxy On Fire – Alliances with real time strategy elements that will allow players to compete with each other over the internet. The new game will be free-to-play but Fishlab is hoping to capitalize on multiplayer components like alliances, P2P combat and resource trading.

Galaxy On Fire – Alliances is expected to be an innovative experience for gamers who like space oriented games and on top of that it will free to play (meaning there will be plenty of people to play with). Free to play means the game will be heavily based on in-app purchases and something that the players will feel compelled to get involved in. Fishlabs have done an outstanding job of focusing on paid unlockables with Game of Fire 2. Now let’s see whether the company will adopt same policy to F2P market or not.

Galaxy On Fire – Alliances in expected in the Q3 2013, however the developers will give a glance to it in upcoming GDC in San Francisco this March.

Also, the Galaxy On Fire 2 and Galaxy on Fire 2 HD are available for free in the App Store here and here respectively for a limited time. Download Now!

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