Kamera tweak for Notification Center adds a quick shot widget for Camera app

A new add on for iOS Notification Center called Kamera tweak is available for download. The Kamera tweak is a blessing for an iPhonegraphers who cannot stand delay. This delay is mostly related with the camera loading and finding the camera button on your home screen as it gets confusing when you are in a hurry.

Kamera tweak for notification center solves that problem by adding a dedicated camera widget in iOS’s NC, which makes it just a pull away from anywhere on the device. Kamera tweak is amazing because it lets you take the picture with front or rear camera active, only dependent on the pressed button. The tweak places two separate buttons for rear and front camera that makes it easier for user to launch the camera of choice. Surprisingly the Kamera tweak launches the camera faster than the stock application where it takes a while to load (at least on older devices).

After installing Kamera tweak from Cydia all you need to do is respring in order to enable Kamera Notification Center Widget. After installing and respringing your device launch Settings > Notifications and then tap on the ‘Edit’ button. When in edit mode simply drag Kamera widget to the top and drop it. Kamera will be positioned in the Notification Center according to its placement in the list so if you want it on top, put it on top of the list.

Kamera tweak isn’t the only Cydia add on for Notification center of its kind but it does the job pretty well. It is free and supports iOS 5 and iOS 6. You can download it from ModMyi repo.

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