More iWatch rumors: Apple’s wristwatch has passed the experimentation stage, likely to get released

It looks like the iWatch rumors are not stopping anytime soon. After NYTimes and WSJ’s reports about Apple’s wristwatch project Bloomberg has jumped into the rumor mill by quoting two sources ‘familiar with the matter’. According to Bloomberg’s report Apple’s iWatch rumors are not just rumors and the product has passed the experimentation stage.

Bloomberg’s report also says that team working on the iWatch project has grown in the past year and now consists of around 100 people including people who have worked on Apple’s iPhone and iPad projects. The team comprises of managers, software and hardware engineers as well as members of the marketing group.

The iWatch rumors have been around from years but now everyone is taking them even more seriously. The fact that Apple is no more selling the iPod nano model that could be used as a wrist watch adds weight to these rumors. According to former Apple employee Bruce Tognazzini an iWatch will fill the gaping hole currently found in the Apple ecosystem.

With Apple still sitting outside of the wearable computers market, there is still a big space available for the company that is known to become dominant in every field it competes in. Apple has been making its devices wearable and more user friendly as recently it released the fifth generation iPod touch with a removable strap that users can wear on their wrist. May be this is the approach Apple has set for its future products.

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