InfinityTask tweak improves the multitasking of iOS while adding other useful features

New InfinityTask tweak for iPhone has been released in Cydia that aims to improve iOS’s multitasking capabilities. Apple limits the background task to 600 seconds or 10 minutes, after that the process is killed by iOS. Similar is the idle sleep behavior that is when you lock your iOS device after 15 seconds it goes to idle sleep unless a background task is running that means completing it’s 10 mins of life. The InfinityTask tweak adds multiple features to iOS. The tweak is developer by @r_plus.

InfinityTask tweak fixes the annoying 10 minutes limit as you can run a background task for a unlimited time with this tweak installed. The good thing about this tweak is that it promises not to affect the battery life of your device (disclosure: we haven’t tested that yet).

Another feature of this Cydia tweak is that you can simply open web pages in the background while working in any other app like, etc. Simply tap and hold the link and select copy, now you will get a notification that your link is opened. You can open multiple links while in any app and then open Safari or Google Chrome and the loaded pages will be there waiting for you.

That’s not all as it also has this little feature called ‘Add to ReadingList’. If ‘on’ will add the copied URL to offline reading list without opening Safari, which is pretty handy.

InfinityTask is available for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo. If interested you can read all the working of InifinityTask at developer’s official blog here.


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