Tempo Smart Calendar app for iPhone finally brings an intelligent calendar to iOS

The new Tempo Smart Calendar app for iPhone finally brings an intelligent calendar to iOS that aims to manage all your appointments for you like a personal assistant. Tempo Smart Calendar for iPhone is more like your personal assistant and much more than just a good looking calendar as it makes you prepare what to do next. It is an amazing mobile app in form of a calendar that increases the possibilities of your meetings and events by making connections in emails, locations and contacts. Tempo adds in your calendar in such an intelligent way so that you can bring out maximum out of your day and me more productive.

With the mentioned details in your Tempo Smart calendar app, you will not find yourself in hassle of finishing a simple task using app, like a meeting plan or a contact number. Tempo automatically completes the details without putting you in trouble of entering every bit and pieces yourself. It recognizes your requirements and goals. With its excessive use, you can make it smarter as it learns about how you roll.

Tempo is like an absolute way out of saving time. With a single tap, you can

  • Send a lingered on text message or email
  • Have conference calls, estimate the driving time taken for covering particular distance plus can get directions
  • Review meeting related emails and documents
  • Instant access to attendees through email, text messages or phone calls
  • Without having the address, Tempo can make you reach the exact destination
  • Surf the profiles of attendees like the Linkedln ones
  • Instant connection to Yelp and Foursquare
  • Wish greetings to your facebook friends
  • Get updates about your flight

Along with these, Tempo makes connection between your accounts and apps like contacts (Google, iPhone, Microsoft outlook), Documents (PFs, MS Word, MS Excel, Images and MS PowerPoint), Emails (iCloud, IMAP, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo) and Apps (Foursquare, Yelp, Linkedln).

Due to popular demand Tempo Smart Calendar the app is currently showing ”tempo is not accepting new registrations” message to new users. Tempo Smart Calendar will soon have a reservation system in place just like the Mailbox app and will allow access to users on first come first serve basis.

Tempo Smart Calendar app for iPhone is available in the App Store for free. It is not available in all stores of the world right now.

Download Tempo Smart Calendar


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