Create 3D Characters on your iPad with Autodesk 123D Creature app

AutoDesk 123D Creature app for iPad is now available in the App Store for download that allows users to create 3D characters easily. Creating superb 3D characters was never this easy as it has become now with Autodesk 123D. As per your imagination and creativity, you can design your character with details such as coloring the skin, feathers, fur or whatever you feel in your imagination. On your stage, you can export your personally designed creature in form of an image or a 3D character, or can get it 3D printed to bring it to life.

Previously only the 3D professional artists could use this technology, but now anyone with an iPad can create the 3D creatures using the easy to use tools AutoDesk 123D Creature app brings. The properties like 3D texturing and painting allow users to create your personally designed photo onto your creature skin. The app also allows users to export their designed creature in form of OBJ file format so they can further edit them in 3D tools like 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and others.

You can create the creations in very simple and interesting way. First create skeleton, use the drag and drop formula to develop limbs and adjusting positions. By dragging the shaping rings, you can easily set the thickness of skeleton. The symmetry of the model will get adjusted automatically by 123 D Creature enabling anyone to use the application and design 3D characters. The app features tons of editing features that users can utilize to give their characters a real like look. After finishing a character users can share them via email, Facebook and Twitter.Autodesk’s 123D Creature app for iPad is available in the App Store for $1.99.

Download 123D Creature


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